Posting on the Forum

About two or three weeks before the walk put a post on the forum, if you do it too soon you will find that it will slip down the list and you will have to keep bringing it to the top and also you will get a lot of people saying they may come but they are not sure which makes it difficult to keep track of who is coming.

In your post you need to give a brief description of the walk and as much information as possible
to enable people to find the start point, attaching a link to a map is a good idea, and inform them of what to bring and make clear if a packed lunch is needed or whether lunch is available at your chosen stop.

Keep an eye on the replies to your post and answer any questions people may ask. When you have created your post you could subscribe to that particular topic by using the subscribe to topic button, this means you will be notified by email every time someone replies to your post.

You will need to download a Walk Leaders Report Form from the web site and enter the names of those people who have said they are coming and also the maybe’s then on the day tick the appropriate boxes, this should then be returned to the secretary so they can update their records.

It is a good idea on the day of the walk to check the forum as near to your leaving home as possible as people do post at the last minute to say they are coming or will not now be able to attend.

The Ramblers produce a checklist that summarises the guidance on leading group walks and information about first aid and what to do in an emergency. Walk Leader Checklist