Did you know, according to this months Walk magazine, that this year marks the 80th anniversary of the trig pillar? There Liz, Clive and I were posing on the one on Kinder Scout the other week, and I was think about how trig pillars always seem to result in the desire on the part of walkers to climb on them.   The Retriangulation of Britain was started in 1936 in Cold Ashby in Northamptonshire using these all important structures. Maps were created, which walkers have and do use when exploring the countryside. Unfortunately as they are no longer needed and are falling into disrepair.  If you find one falling down, then you can tell the Ordnance Survey and they will repair it.  Read more on p24 of Walk.

  Do your map reading skills need a bit of brushing up? If you knew a bit more would you feel a bit more confident to explore those places you have always wanted to go or lead your friends on an interesting walk or plan a new walk from scratch? Why not read the Ramblers’ guides to navigation?  Source: Navigation – Ramblers

Join Britain’s biggest walking charity to help everyone, everywhere, enjoy walking and protect the places we all love to walk. The Ramblers  is the only charity dedicated to looking after paths and green spaces, leading walks, opening up new places to explore and encouraging everyone to  get outside and discover how walking boosts your health and happiness. We are recruiting a campaigns officer to develop and deliver effective and innovative campaigns that support the Ramblers’ mission. In this exciting role you will engage with supporters and the wider public on campaigns. You will support, develop and train volunteers so that the Ramblers’ campaigning priorities can be delivered positively and effectively at national, regional and local levels. As a passionate campaigner for change, you will keep abreast of developments in the campaigning sector and be keen to try new approaches. This role sits within the newly formed Engagement Team, which is…

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“1 January 2026 is the cut-off date for adding historic paths to what is known as the definitive map: the official record of the public’s rights of way in an area. When a path is on this map, it not only means we have a right to walk on it, but it is much easier to protect and maintain. However, any path which came into existence before 1949 and that has not been requested to be on the map by 2026 will be lost – forever! We’ve been working with the government to make sure that the process for registering paths on the definitive map is as easy as it can be so that as many paths as possible can be recorded before it is too late. Take action! Since 1998, when moves to close the definitive maps to historic paths were first seriously proposed, many of you have been…

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  Looking forward to walking along the North Norfolk Coast path on 16 April.  To get you in the mood, take a look at the National Trails website. So many interesting places to walk in the British Isles, and there are plenty of maps and guides for you to find your way!

  “Ready to buy some new walking gear? Get independent, expert advice on everything from daypacks to waterproof jackets. – See more at: Walking gear – Ramblers“

“To help support the growth of the organisation and carry on with our charitable work benefiting Ramblers members and walkers in Britain, we’ll be increasing some of our membership rates on 1 May 2016. New membership rates are listed below: Individual rates Individual annual £34.50 Individual annual concession* £20.50 Individual monthly £3.25 Individual monthly concession* £2.25 Individual life £752.00 Individual life concession** £364.00 Joint rates Joint annual £45.50 Joint annual concession* £27.50 Joint life £910.00 Joint life concession** £446.00 Joint monthly £4.25 Joint monthly concession* £2.75 *Concessionary rates are available for full time students, people on means tested benefits or solely reliant on the state pension. These rates do not apply to overseas members. **Life concessionary rates are for people over 60. Monthly rates are by Direct Debit only New recruitment leaflets We’re producing new recruitment leaflets which will be sent to all Area and Group Secretaries, Membership Secretaries and…

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The first of 15 National Trails being made available on Google Street View goes live. Source: North Downs Way: First National Trail live on Google – BBC News

“WALKING FOR NEW ADVENTURES SOUTHERN SWEDEN, SEPTEMBER 10TH–17TH 2016 Welcome to Europe’s biggest hiking event. Read more about our exciting programme, let yourself be inspired, and book your hikes, accommodation and activities here.” Source: Eurorando 2016