New membership rates – Ramblers

New membership rates – Ramblers

“To help support the growth of the organisation and carry on with our charitable work benefiting Ramblers members and walkers in Britain, we’ll be increasing some of our membership rates on 1 May 2016.

New membership rates are listed below:

Individual rates
Individual annual £34.50
Individual annual concession* £20.50
Individual monthly £3.25
Individual monthly concession* £2.25
Individual life £752.00
Individual life concession** £364.00

Joint rates
Joint annual £45.50
Joint annual concession* £27.50
Joint life £910.00
Joint life concession** £446.00
Joint monthly £4.25
Joint monthly concession* £2.75

*Concessionary rates are available for full time students, people on means tested benefits or solely reliant on the state pension. These rates do not apply to overseas members.
**Life concessionary rates are for people over 60.
Monthly rates are by Direct Debit only

New recruitment leaflets
We’re producing new recruitment leaflets which will be sent to all Area and Group Secretaries, Membership Secretaries and Publicity Officers at the end of April.”
Source: New membership rates – Ramblers