Leading a walk

Though it may seem daunting, leading a walk is usually very rewarding and greatly appreciated by everyone. The following pages are intended to assist those thinking of having a go!

It is not necessary to be a wizard with a map and compass to put on a walk for the group as there are many ways to source a walk, it could for example be a walk you already know and would like to share with others.

There are also numerous good guide books around that contain detailed route descriptions and maps which are easy to follow, also there are many internet sites that offer walking routes again with clear and easy to follow route descriptions and maps which can be downloaded, bearing in mind though that some of these you will have to pay for. As you progress though you will probably find yourself wanting to learn at least some basic map reading skills, this will open the door to an unlimited amount of walks as you can then make up your own routes from the map.

The only requirement to lead a walk for the group is that you have to be a paid up member of the Ramblers Association.

To be able to put on a full and varied programme of walks the group needs as many people as possible who are prepared to put on and lead walks, if you have never led a walk before doing so is not as difficult as it may first seem and can increase your enjoyment of being part of the group.

The Ramblers produce a checklist that summarises the guidance on leading group walks and information about first aid and what to do in an emergency. Walk Leader checklist