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Sadly, with the beginning of the second lockdown that started on 5th November we had to suspend our group walks again. Looks like we will not be able to do them for a while. Together with the committee and our volunteers we will do everything we can to help you with your own walks. Follow us on Facebook and chat with us on our WhatsApp group if you need any help or if you are searching for a person to walk with (you can still walk with a single person from outside of your household). We will start planning for the walks after the lockdown and have already begun researching some great routes for you. Remember that as a Rambler you also have access to Ramblers Routes – great library of ideas for walks, maps and route descriptions. If you can’t find something for you there – let us know.…

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Good news we’ve been waiting for ! We’re really happy that all Ramblers volunteering activities are able to restart in England and Wales – subject to following the latest advice and government guidance on physical distancing. This includes group walks of up to 30 people in England and Wales – Scotland has different rules. Following this news we’ll be trying to organise walks as frequently as before the lock-down with above restrictions and with safety of our volunteers and walkers in mind. If you’d like to lead a walk, please get in touch with us, walk leaders always welcome !

Hello all the brave Ramblers out there! First and foremost thank you for staying with us and the Ramblers. It’s been a long time without any group walks and we’ve certainly missed your happy faces and muddy boots. Hope you’re doing well and you haven’t stopped exploring footpaths. We are happy to say that group walks are back! We are delighted that small group walks can now be done safely and in line with the latest government advice. As the limit of people on the walks is quite small (only 6 people including the walk leader) and there aren’t many walks organised yet, the walks might be published only on our Meetup page and not be published on Ramblers website or announced to avoid too many people showing up. Make sure you pop into our Meetup page to sign up for a walk with us! You can also message us…

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Hi, You might have noticed that as from the walk on 6th August 2017, the links on the home page and the walk listing now point to the appropriate walk on Meetup, rather than in our forum. This is following a committee meeting in July 2017, where it was decided to transitioning towards using Meetup, rather than our forum. This is following the lead of our members who are primarily using Meetup anyway. Usage of the forum will be scaled down over the remainder of 2017, and the forum will be closed completely at the end of 2017. If you need any advice about listing your walk or event on Meetup, please contact Julian.

Our regular members will no doubt have noticed that our forum (where all of our planning takes place) abruptly disappeared, only to be replaced by a new and largely empty forum. This sudden change was necessary, due to changes in our group funding which did not allow us to spend funds on hosting our website. The good news is that this site is now being hosted for free by Julian, our chairman, but this caused the need for the forum to be replaced by one which will work on Julian’s server. These changes more or less coincided with my change of group role to become the webmaster, which has been a steep learning curve for me! Hopefully our members are now getting used to the workings of the new forum, which is of a far more traditional Internet forum style. I am now starting to get my head around the…

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The Perimeter is a photography project by Quintin Lake based on walking 10,000km around the coast of Britain in sections. This gallery showcases a selection of photographs from the project. Find out more and purchase prints at Source: Coastal Perimeter Photo Gallery – Ramblers

  The chances are that if you report a path that needs clearing that Peter James and a team from the Norfolk Area Ramblers will attend to it. Peter spends up to 3 or 4 days a week (!) keeping your paths clear. That is a HUGE amount of work.  He frequently has a team of people to help him but he could always do with a bit more help. This weekend a few of us from Hike Norfolk went to help him out.  If you can spare a few hours of your time giving  a bit back to the countryside that you have been enjoying you will be sure to have a sense of satisfaction of a job well done. It is really quite fun to have a go with a hedge trimmer! Peter drives an orange lawnmower / path cutter, which helps a great deal. When there is…

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“Get walking Britain! Walking makes you feel happier and healthier, and we think everyone should enjoy the benefits. Which is why we’re getting Britain on its feet. Join us for a walk, invite your friends and help us get everyone, everywhere to discover the joys of walking. It’s as easy as… Register to find group walks, routes and walking festivals near you Log your walks and invite your friends to get involved Earn badges and win prizes!”

Norfolk residents who love the outdoors are being encouraged to record sightings of local wildlife in a bid to support Norfolk Wildlife Trust’s conservation efforts. WildWalks is a new online recording tool, established by The Wildlife Trusts in partnership with the British Trust for Ornithology (BTO). It will allow people to log wildlife sightings and map records of plants and animals across NWT’s target areas for landscape-scale conservation, known as Living Landscapes, and in some nature reserves. Norfolk Wildlife Trust

Why not check out the Woodland Trust’s guide to British trees, and then test your knowledge when you go for a walk next? Trees, woods and wildlife Our woods and trees are home to more wildlife than any other landscape. Ancient woodland is particularly precious , supporting over 200 of our rarest and most threatened species. Hedgerows, copses, woods, wood pasture and parkland all have a unique character, biodiversity and eco-system. Together they make up vital habitat links, connecting wildlife across the landscape and helping species to survive and thrive. Explore British Trees, from alder to wych elm. Find out what they look like, where they grow, and how they’ve been used by people. Take a journey through different types of woodland habitats, and discover the amazing animals, plants and fungi that rely on woods and trees to survive. The Woodland Trust