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Hi, You might have noticed that as from the walk on 6th August 2017, the links on the home page and the walk listing now point to the appropriate walk on Meetup, rather than in our forum. This is following a committee meeting in July 2017, where it was decided to transitioning towards using Meetup, rather than our forum. This is following the lead of our members who are primarily using Meetup anyway. Usage of the forum will be scaled down over the remainder of 2017, and the forum will be closed completely at the end of 2017. If you need any advice about listing your walk or event on Meetup, please contact Julian.

Our regular members will no doubt have noticed that our forum (where all of our planning takes place) abruptly disappeared, only to be replaced by a new and largely empty forum. This sudden change was necessary, due to changes in our group funding which did not allow us to spend funds on hosting our website. The good news is that this site is now being hosted for free by Julian, our chairman, but this caused the need for the forum to be replaced by one which will work on Julian’s server. These changes more or less coincided with my change of group role to become the webmaster, which has been a steep learning curve for me! Hopefully our members are now getting used to the workings of the new forum, which is of a far more traditional Internet forum style. I am now starting to get my head around the…

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