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“We talk to former National Geographic Adventurer of the Year, Alastair Humphreys, about accessible adventures, epic walks and the importance of right to roam. Alastair Humphreys is an adventurer, blogger and writer. A former National Geographic Adventurer of the Year, he is the author of 10 books, including the ground-breaking Microadventures Interview by Susan Gray” Source: Walk and Talk with Alastair Humphreys – Ramblers

So you have been on a couple of walks and you are deciding whether to become a member. If you need some help making up your mind, here are a few reasons. There will be more apart from these! You are almost guaranteed of a walk every weekend throughout the year in a different part of Norfolk. These vary in length and ability. By joining the Ramblers you can go walking with ANY participating Ramblers group. Hike Norfolk are part of the Norfolk Area, so when you get your newsletter or when you have a look at their website, or our website there are loads of walks for you to choose from. By joining Hike Norfolk, you aren’t just joining our group, but the Ramblers as well. This walking charity works to protect the places we like to walk, so part of your subs goes towards the Ramblers…

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  Can’t walk where your map says you should be able to walk? We can help you resolve the problem.When you’re out walking you’ll sometimes come across a broken stile or overgrown hedge obstructing a footpath. Or occasionally you might be blocked from walking on access land. By reporting these types of problems you’ll be helping out the next walker that comes along. Source: Report a path or access problem – Ramblers

  How to keep safe and tips for dealing with different situations that you may encounter when out and about walking. Safety Advice Page on the Ramblers website

Walk yourself proud with the Ramblers and Sport Relief in 2016. This year, the Ramblers are proud to have teamed up with Sport Relief to help get more people walking, and in doing so change lives. Whether your goal is to lose weight, get a little fitter, or to cover the distance to the moon and back (768,800km in case you’re curious), walking is a simple, free and easy way for the whole family to get more active. Source: Get Walking with Ramblers and Sport Relief